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Mobile Climate
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Hands-on science
is so essential,
yet very rarely provided:

• Active participation
• Testing real evidence
• Critical thinking
• Students love to learn.
Sunday Streets hands-on science Bayview 2011
Delivering STEM
content standards.
• Education theory:
humans learn best
when hands-on included.
• Not politics,
not indocrination
• Experience doing, ap- preciating climate science

In K-12 schools, colleges,
professional development,
government, businesses
conferences & events,
some science museums.

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Special Advisory to Science Educators
When it comes to the greenhouse effect, climate change & global warming;
for hands-on resources, be sure you know the difference between:
The flawed, faulty and faked demonstrations, labs and activities...

and the scientifically strong, vetted, authentic hands-on science demos

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International Climate Change Education Portal
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Education on Climate Change & Global Warming Solutions

From every continent and every major country
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Hands-on Science Demonstrations and Activities
K-12 Schools; Public Events; Aquariums, Museums, and Science Centers;
Teacher Professional Development; ConferencesUniversitiesBusiness; Government

Mobile Climate Science Labs    
hands-on climate science
Bay Area Science Festival
AT&T Park -- SF Giants Baseball Stadium
hands on science activities
KTSF TV Evening News -- in Cantonese
Best viewed in Firefox or Google Chrome

Hippoworks: Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change"   
DVD -- Fantastic for Kids, Families & Elementary/Primary Schools

            Skeptical Science      
International team applying real scientific skepticism to examine denier arguments.
Great resource for teachers, parents, and students; classroom and public discussions.
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Primary and Secondary Education, K-12 Schools
Lesson Plans, Programs, Curriculum, Resources, Student Projects

   Educator Professional Development, Webinars   

By Subject -- Content Standards

Examples: •Biology  •Chemistry  
Earth SciencesLanguage Arts  •Math

Curriculum:  • Secondary / High School
Primary Schools: • Middle  • Elementary

   Global Warming, Climate Science Education Video Collection 

Climate Scientist Intro
to Hippoworks Cartoon

Take Aim
At Climate Change

Ocean Acidification Demo
KTSF News,View in Firefox

How Do We Know It is

Global Effects of CC
EPA Ireland

Britney Spears (respectful parody)
The Planet is Warming

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